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  • Rafiki Mwena
  • Cancer: The Shock of Diagnosis
    I’ve forgotten so many dates over the years, when once I knew Birthdays, anniversaries, number plates & phones numbers of all who were close to…
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  • Super 30% Discount on Superfoods in April
    From 1 April to 30 April 2017, we’re giving you the special chance to buy ANY of our Miessence Superfoods* at 30% off! This means…
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  • My 3 Day Healthy FAST – by Brenda Latimer
    Meet my beautiful Sister Brenda, who took the plunge and completed the 3 Day FAST. Here’s her story… I DID IT. 3 Day ‘FAST’ Fasting.…
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  • Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist by Miessence
    Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist contains the exquisite Bulgarian rose otto (essential oil) and Bulgarian rose hydrosol (floral water) which are both products of the gentle…
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  • Beautiful Rose Mist for Your Valentine – 50% OFF
    50% off Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist for your loved one! (or a treat for yourself) In Eastern traditions, the aroma of the Thousand-petalled Rose promotes…
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  • Natural Magnesium Chloride
      Natural Magnesium Chloride 100% Australian 250ml Organic Magnesium Spray                                                                 $38.95 A whopping 250mls of Amazing Oils Magnesium will last you a long time, assuming…
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  • Digestive Health Checklist
    Common Warning Signs of Dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance) • Allergies and food sensitivities; • Frequent colds, flu or infections; • Difficulty losing weight, sugar/carbohydrate craving; •…
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  • Join the Colouring-in Craze
    Good old fashioned colouring-in is the new trend for adults & research has shown that it’s a great form of relaxation & a form of…
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  • Probiotics “For Life”
    Probiotics are essential for: * Good digestive health * Strengthening the immune system * Improving nutrient uptake and absorption of minerals As the bacteria outnumber…
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  • Help Ethiopian Mums this Mothers Day
    I’ve just finished reading “The Hospital by the River” by Dr Catherine Hamlin, the true story of Catherine & her husband Reg, both Australian Gynaecologists…
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