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My 3 Day Healthy FAST – by Brenda Latimer

Meet my beautiful Sister Brenda, who took the plunge and completed the 3 Day FAST.

Here’s her story…

I DID IT. 3 Day ‘FAST’ Fasting.
Was it easy? NO, which is why I feel so fantastic and proud of myself for sticking with it.

Day 1 – I was motivated and keen to start. The ‘FAST’ drink didn’t taste too bad. I went ahead with my daily routine. Went to the gym, all was good. Increased toilet visits and a little bit of hunger, but nothing too bad. The lunch time drink was still ok. I just kept reading the ingredients which are so healthy that it made it easier to drink because I knew my body was going to love it. Dinner time was very challenging as I made Shepherds Pie for the family from Edmonds Cook Book which is the yummiest recipe ever. I could have so easily quit and got stuck into some of that cheesy potato, but I didn’t.

Day 2 – Lost 1kg. Struggled from the moment I woke up. My legs were super sore and I had no energy. I didn’t go to the gym and did very little housework. I almost vomited with the drinks and missed food soooooo much. Lots of toilet visits and sleeping. I was food depressed…..but, I didn’t give in. This is incredible for the food obsessed person that I am. I squeezed an orange into the nighttime drink and found it so much nicer. (Not sure that is allowed though).

Day 3 – Lost 700g total 1.7kg Woke up feeling fantastic. Lots of energy and really happy. Wasn’t keen on the drink, so squeezed an orange again for both breakfast and lunch drinks. Dinner drink was easy because it was my last one and felt so fantastic to see the bottom of the tub. Went to the gym with lots of energy. Didn’t want to sleep today. Was not very hungry at all. It was a really happy day.

Day 4 weigh in lost 700g total loss in 3 days is 2.4kg. I was looking forward to eating again, but when it actually came time, I had a protein shake instead. Just didn’t feel like being bulked down.

The reason for my fasting was to clean my body after having open heart surgery 10 weeks ago. Losing weight was a massive bonus. I already lost 8kg since the surgery and have been having my daily warm cup of Berry Radical and InLiven Probiotic Before the surgery my iron levels were very low, so started with

Fast Tract, InLiven Probiotic and Deep Greens Superfood, in just 3 weeks my iron level was back to Normal.

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