• rae An open hearted, nature loving, down to earth girl who embraces holistic health.
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It’s so nice to have you here.

Mind Bodhi Spirit is the place I have chosen to share my story of self-awareness & healing.

The beautiful Bodhi Leaf logo represents our awakening and honors the emerging compassion for our emotional, physical & spiritual selves.

I would like to share with you the resources I have used to aid my recovery from personal challenges and how I have learnt how to nourish & nurture my mind, body & spirit.

Perhaps you will be able to relate to parts of my life & find some inspiration to make some positive changes in your world?

About Me…

I’m Rae – which is short for Raewyn & quite unintentionally mixes my Mum & Dads names together – Raymond & Bronwyn!

So here I am in my 40th year (2014) and living on the beautiful North Coast of NSW where the grass & trees look fluorescent.

A few years ago my life was in turmoil, I left an unhealthy marriage and never imagined that I would end up being separated from my four children whom I had devoted my adult life to.

As with most hardships you have two choices – get on with it OR let it beat you & whilst there were many times over the years that I thought about giving up…I didn’t.

I’m so grateful for the challenges that I have been presented with in this lifetime & the opportunity for growth. Without these I would not have discovered the benefits of probiotics, essential oils, certified organics, kinesiology, nutrition, flower therapies, mBraining, gardening, reading, photography & most of all the true meaning of L O V E !

So now that you know a bit about me, how about you drop me a line and tell me about you?