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Natural Magnesium Chloride

  Natural Magnesium Chloride 100% Australian 250ml Organic Magnesium Spray                                                                 $38.95 A whopping 250mls of Amazing Oils Magnesium will last you a long time, assuming you can control yourself from sharing it with friends. But we know you’re not like that, you can’t resist sharing a good thing right? 60ml Organic Magnesium Spray                                                                   $21.95 Great things…

Probiotics “For Life”

Probiotics are essential for: * Good digestive health * Strengthening the immune system * Improving nutrient uptake and absorption of minerals As the bacteria outnumber the cells of the body it is vital that the “good”, “beneficial” or “friendly” bacteria dominate. In many of us the bad bacteria take a foothold in the body and…