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Archives for Nutrients

Super 30% Discount on Superfoods in April

From 1 April to 30 April 2017, we’re giving you the special chance to buy ANY of our Miessence Superfoods* at 30% off! This means that you’ll pay just $49 for a product that is normally $70 full price… That’s a super saving of $21! *Excludes our promotional products FAST and 10 Day Vitality Challenge…

My 3 Day Healthy FAST – by Brenda Latimer

Meet my beautiful Sister Brenda, who took the plunge and completed the 3 Day FAST. Here’s her story… I DID IT. 3 Day ‘FAST’ Fasting. Was it easy? NO, which is why I feel so fantastic and proud of myself for sticking with it. Day 1 – I was motivated and keen to start. The…

Probiotics “For Life”

Probiotics are essential for: * Good digestive health * Strengthening the immune system * Improving nutrient uptake and absorption of minerals As the bacteria outnumber the cells of the body it is vital that the “good”, “beneficial” or “friendly” bacteria dominate. In many of us the bad bacteria take a foothold in the body and…