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Beautiful Rose Mist for Your Valentine – 50% OFF

50% off Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist for your loved one! (or a treat for yourself)

In Eastern traditions, the aroma of the Thousand-petalled Rose

promotes strength and vitality and enhances harmony and balance.

Saturated with water-soluble botanicals present in the petals, rosewater has many uses;

  • Spray over make-up for a dewy complexion.
  • Perfect for hydrating and invigorating your complexion in air-conditioned environments and aircraft.
  • Rose Monsoon is wonderful for refreshing dry, sensitive skin.
  • Cleanse the aura, calm the soul and rehydrate the complexion.
  • Certified Organic.

Valentines Special $9.37 until 17/02/17 – RRP $18.75

Limit of 1 per order.

Order Online Here.

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